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Airplanes for chemical applications will be made in Zhiguli Valley Technopark

Airplanes for chemical applications will be made in Zhiguli Valley Technopark
16.01.2015 Category: Новости Views': 282

According to Volga News, Silver Wings Ltd. is going to become a resident of Zhiguli Valley Technopark with its project of super-light airplane for chemical aviation.

The new airplane is expected to perform highly efficient ultra-fine atomizing providing for safety of chemical aerial applications.

Silver Wings Ltd. is registered in Samara, 110, Avrory Street, office 103. 95% of the company's chartered capital is owned by Valeriy Mikhailenko, the rest 5% are owned by Valeriy Neizvestnykh. The company’s website contains information that Silver Wings company was founded in 2011 as “a parallel structure” of Hydroplane Ltd. As a result of changes in ownership of the latter.

“Today, Hydroplane Ltd. is a holder of design and process documentation on the prototypes built, owner of production premises and equipment for aircraft production, while Silver Wings Ltd. continues contract-based production of aircrafts developed by Hydroplane and develops its new samples of airplanes, – reports the Silver Wings’ website. The company manufacture Corvette, Cicada, SK-01 airplanes.

According to Vladimir Sorokin, Chief Design Engineer of the company, SK-01 is just the project Silver Wings are going to continue working on in the Technopark. Technical Assignment was approved and Development and Prototype Manufacture Agreement signed in late November 2013, and the prototype was tested in 2014. According to Mr.Sorokin, Silver Wings are planning to assemble preproduction batch of two planes made based on the prototype in early 2015. The company is currently setting up the required tooling, ordering dies to make the plane more streamlined.

Trial works on these planes are supposed to be started in May or April. “There is a huge market for aircrafts to be used for chemical aerial applications. There is currently lack of special-purpose aircrafts of series production in our country. Service life of An-2 planes previously used for these purpose has been served out. The market is covered by hang-gliders and homemade planes made with makeshift tools” explains Silver Wings’ Chief Design Engineer. He added that the company would like to manufacture 15 to 20 planes a year, unit cost being 2.5 to 3 million rubles.

In Zhiguli Valley the company will get an R&D and technical base for testing, as well as tax benefits and, probably, investors, says Mr.Sorokin. Currently, the project is being implemented using owners’ funds. Investments needed to manufacture the preproduction batch are estimated by Sorokin as 10 to 12 million rubles.

See the source here: Website: Aviation Explorer